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Long Man of Wilmington

At dawn on May Day, the Long Man Morris Men will dance at the foot of the Long Man of Wilmington to celebrate the pagan festival of Beltaine. Why, we’re not entirely sure, but this 70m high hill figure just outside of Eastbourne is more than just a familiar landmark to many, it is also an ancient site of worship.


So they probably wouldn’t be too pleased to know that last Christmas Proporta gave the Long Man his own little companion in the form of our armadillo logo. The trick to making a good hill figure, we found out, is to make sure that you expose the right amount of chalk, which we found to be a doddle one cold winter night when we visited the Long Man of Wilmington armed with a 50ft stencil and a spoon…


Because as well as being very old (no one is quite sure how old), the Long Man is also, like all hill figures, relatively new. Cut as it is from the green turf of a hillside so that the chalk underneath shows through, the Long Man has to be maintained, or he will disappear back under a carpet of grass. And we’re not the only ones to have had some fun with this mysterious figure. In 2007, Trinny and Susannah temporarily gave him a female makeover, complete with pigtails, and during the Second World War he was painted green for the more serious purpose of stopping German bombers using him as a landmark.

The Long Man of Wilmington is, therefore, both an ancient monument, and an emobdiment of a living, breathing tradition that continues today. So this weekend we’ll be raising a glass and a silent hey-nonny-nonnny to the Morris Dancers who are not just men in funny costumes with bells on their knees, but also a part of the ongoing care (if you ignore petty vandals like us, and those reprobates Trinny and Susannah) that keeps this hundreds of years old figure alive and kicking.


Say hello to the HiPhone Nano

The possibility of an iPhone nano is much anticipated, but as yet unconfirmed. That, however, hasn’t stopped Chinese manufacturers bringing out their own version, the chirpily titled HiPhone nano.


Like their earlier iPhone clones, the new HiPhone nano borrows pretty unashamedly from the Apple playbook. The front of the clamshell handset has an iPod style clickwheel and display screen for music playback, whilst inside there is a touchscreen with stylus and handwriting recognition. The device also features dual SIM card support, a micro SD card slot, and a 1.3MP camera that also records video. Unfortunately the whole thing looks like a cross between an old, mangled iPod and a Star Trek communicator, and we’ve got an idea that if Apple really do bring out their own, it might be a little bit different from this. To put it mildly.

So whilst we doubt that the appearance of this young pretender will cause any ripples over at Apple HQ, we can only hope that one day soon we’ll be able to get our hands on an iPhone nano as it should be done. Fingers crossed…

Tesco Vs Denmark

This made us laugh – how about you?

Happy Birthday to us

All of us are in a party mood this week – not only because we’re generally just happy to be part of the great Proporta circle of life, but especially because today sees Proporta celebrate our 13th birthday.


And as a way of saying a great big thank you for coming to see us over the years, Proporta have decided to offer our lovely customers a 15% discount on all Proporta branded hardware products for just one day only.

We love a good birthday (any excuse to eat cake) so simply drop in and visit on the 23rd April 2009, enter the promotion code HIPHOORAY at the cart page and you’ll receive a 15% discount.

Proporta sister sites

All the Italian Proporta fans will be glad to know that is now in existence. And it’s not just all fun and games for Italy, we also have local sites for Spain (, Portugal (, Germany (, and not forgetting the UK (

Exciting News… or Lies, Damn Lies?

They say that a rumour can run around the world before the truth has got its boots on. Well, the ongoing MacBook Mini rumour has certainly done just that, with a story in a Russian magazine offering photos of the long awaited MacBook spreading speculation like wildfire.


The images are well photoshopped, and the story comes with specifications attached (10.4” WXGA display, Intel Atom CPU, NVIDIA GPU, 64GB SSD, 2GB RAM and the obligatory WiFi since you asked), making it that little bit more convincing. However, as usual, no one really knows whether this is true, wishful thinking or just plain old bunkum.

If the rumour does turn out to be correct, then apparently the new MacBook Mini will appear this year, at an expensive (for a Netbook) price of $899. And if that does happen, you can be sure that it will be pretty, and that Proporta will knock up some nifty accessories and protective cases for it in the blink of an eye. So, whilst we wouldn’t recommend getting too excited just yet, you never know, the latest addition to the Apple Netbook family could well be on its way…

HTC’s on the horizon

Somebody’s been working hard spreading rumours about HTC’s new releases for this year, and they’ve even leaked some approximate dates. Remember, a lot of these devices are purely rumours so they may not ever materialise, but there are a few that are definitely set to arrive soon…

The first (that’s already launched) is the HTC Touch Cruise 2009 or HTC Iolite.

Watch this space for accessories from Proporta – they won’t be long in arriving.

The HTC Touch Diamond2, planned for an April release, boasts stunning looks and intuitive controls.


The HTC Touch Pro2, expected in June, treats your calls with as much care and attention as your messages. Business success depends on human interaction after all.


The HTC Magic, expected soon, possibly even in April, is an Android powered mobile device that allows you to stay connected and informed with Gmail, Google Mail, Maps and Search.


To complete the list of rumoured HTC’s with release dates expected from May to November, we have the HTC Maple, HTC Twin, HTC Whitestone, HTC Firestone and HTC Thoth.

So there you have it – a round up of the latest, expected and rumoured devices from HTC. Keep an eye open, because HTC is a favourite of Proporta’s so you can expect some top-notch accessories to be following hot on the heels of each new release.

April 6 – Scotland’s Tartan Day 2009

Today is Tartan Day in Scotland. This is the day when the people of Scotland celebrate its people, its heritage, its history, its culture and its amazing legacy to the world.

Here’s some more information on this very special day.

Have a very Happy Tartan Day :o)

We just had to show you this…


By the way, that’s a teddy (just in case).


Proporta’s top ten April Fools gags

Everyone at Proporta enjoys a good joke, so we thought we’d give you the run-down of the best tech related April fools gags. Enjoy…

10. The entire Internet will be rebooted and consequently completely down for 1 minute.

9. BBC iPlayer now available on a toaster.

8. Track the Queen’s Corgi with Google Maps.

7. Toshiba launched the World’s first Petbook – your canine friends will never be bored on a rainy afternoon again.

6. Twitter added to the national emergency response programme – individuals in distress will soon be able to send direct messages to 911.

5. Never walk into a lamp post whilst texting again with the new TXT’N’WALK app.

4. A break though innovation in mobile communication. Pigeons provide mobile network coverage.

3. Virgle Flights to Mars. Virgin teamed up with Google for this practical joke, offering galactic flights to Mars.

2. Proporta’s Fugu Case – protecting unsuspecting Proporta customers of light fingered thieves.

1. The iCar from Apple featuring touch-screen steering and a single pedal to replace the traditional accelerator and brake.