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Proporta enjoy their first snow day

No one can honestly say that they don’t get excited by the snow. It brings out the inner child in everyone. Which was certainly the case when the majority of Proporta employees woke up yesterday morning to see Brighton covered in a blanket of the white stuff.

Lynnette brought us all the wonderful news that we would have our first “Snow Day with a Twist” (the twist being that we had to work from home), but we still managed to find a moment to make a snowman and take a couple of pictures…

Hiran got to build his very first snowman:


Lynnette braved a cliff-edge in the name of photography:


Will took this great shot of Brighton beach covered in snow:


And Sam caught one of his neighbours treading very carefully down his transformed street:


Not everyone was lucky enough to get out of the office for the day… Max and Gary (part of the Proporta Logistics team) braved the frosty weather and Max walked for over an hour and a half to get into work (now that’s dedication). Cabin fever soon set in though and after some keen negotiating skills on Gary’s part, Max was caught on camera making snow angels in his undercrackers. We would’ve added these images to the Proporta Blog, but we’re not quite sure the world is ready yet.

Do you need Mail Goggles?

Ever regretted sending a drunken message after a few too many? Mail Goggles is a brand new programme that uses Gmail to intercept e-mails sent after a certain time at night. It poses the question: “Are you sure you want to send this?” and then continues to ask you five mathematical questions to ascertain just how of sound mind you are. Unfortunately it can’t confiscate your phone if you fail the test and if you chose to ignore this clever little programme’s advice you’ll end up sending it anyway. Maybe you’re better off just leaving your phone behind, eh?