Keeping healthy doesn’t have to be a chore

Most of us at Proporta like to be healthy (Gary and JP are always at the gym, and you can find Hannah in the local pool most nights – no stalkers please), so we thought we’d share some tips with you on what motivates us to stay in shape, just in case you’re interested…

guy“I like cycling and skiing and am generally hyperactive so I like to have plenty of energy. I find that if I don’t exercise then I don’t have energy – so having an interest that I like (skiing) gives me something to keep fit for and motivates me to do the boring gym-work.” Guy – one of the Proporta head honchos.

about_lynnette“I used to really struggle to drag myself along to the gym after work – especially if I was finishing late. So I joined a gym that’s really close to work (less of an excuse) and it really makes a difference not having the journey home to think myself out of it. I also go swimming in the mornings and find that it really wakes me up and I beat the traffic. 10-15 minutes in the sauna afterwards also gives me time to clear my mind (not to mention the pipes) and think creatively before the day starts.” Lynnette – Proporta Marketing Manager.

hannah“I started swimming because the thought of going to the gym after work consumed me withdepression. I find it really relaxing (well, more relaxing than using gym equipment) and it’s a good way to wind down at the end of the day. Plus it’s good for all parts of the body. Since I’ve started (early December) I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my body and the way I feel. It does make you feel good once you’ve done some exercise and I’ve even lost a few pounds – go me! Eating healthily is always good too, but I’m a strong believer of letting yourself off at weekends and eating whatever you like.” Hannah – Proporta Marketing Executive.

“Listen to loud rock or dance music in the gym (instead of the handbag house they play there) to increase the work you do. I basically hate going to the gym and despise every moment in there so willpower is the key to actually going – and I still don’t go as often as I should.” Guy.

“I make sure I have a piece of music that I save for ’emergencies’ only. If I need to push myself during a run, then I stick that on my iPod and it’s amazing the difference it makes. Even better (and I am slightly obsessive so feel free to ignore this next bit), work out when you usually start to lose motivation and plan your playlist to that – I put my emergency track about 30 minutes in and it really helps pick me up.” Lynnette.

“I find that exercise makes me happier, stronger and more energetic. It also clears my mind and keeps me fit. I prefer running outdoors… along the seafront (lucky us – we have great views of the sea in Brighton), but that’s much nicer in the summer as the winter seaside months are a little nippy to say the least.” Soni – Proporta Senior Account Manager.


Empty calories can be lethal, so I swap wine, which can have 130 calories in (that’s about the same as a doughnut) for vodka and slimline tonic, which only has 58 calories.” Lynnette.

“Give food time to digest. I eat pretty fast and that means I sometimes eat more than I need before any of it gets into my bloodstream and I realise I’m not hungry any more. So, when I’m starving, if I eat something small or a starter (soup etc.) before preparing a massive meal, I often realise that I actually don’t need to eat so much in the main meal.” Guy.

“The Proporta tuck shop can sometimes be a struggle (especially if you’re having a particularly stressful day and the only way to save your colleagues is to inhale a Curly Wurly), but for the most part I try to eat quite healthily. Porridge made with water, berries and linseed is really good for the tummy and I make sure not to eat too late in the evening. If I get in from work after 7ish (most nights), then I usually just have soup, a big salad or a jacket potato with veggies and not too many carbs. I find it important to eat in between meals to keep my metabolism in shape so I’ll always keep a yoghurt or some fruit close by.” Lynnette.

“I try not to eat too much bread and switch to rye bread at home (I’m told it has less carbs and I like it too). I love Bloody Marys so I often have those instead of beer as it has less carbs in.” Guy.



Whether you’re training at the gym, jogging outdoors or doing some sit-ups in the bedroom, music is always great motivation. We’d recommend our 4G iPod nano armband, which allows you to attach your nano to your arm so you can listen to your favourite tracks whilst working out. The arm band keeps your nano safely attached to your arm during even the most rigorous work out, so all you need to do is create a lively playlist and you’ll be off.

Important: we’re by no means professionals when it comes to advice on fitness (just gadgets) so please take our tips with the pinch of salt and the friendly tone that they’re intended with, seek medical advice if you think you need to and don’t overdo it.

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